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"Toots Shor" by Alan Dunn


Toots in pen and ink.

Giants of American culture and sports found in Toots Short a unique sense of comfort, somewhere between his relentless insults and trademark bear hug. One image in particular, drawn for John Bainbridge's book by American cartoonist Alan Dunn, depicts the famous bear hug. Over a period of 47 years, Dunn created 9 covers and nearly 2000 cartoons for New Yorker Magazine. He lived in New York City and studied at Columbia University, the National Academy of Design, and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation. Dunn defined himself as a "social cartoonist, whose pen is no sword but a titillating feather that reminds us that we do not act as we speak or think."

Offered is an 8" x 10" desktop artifact.

“Anyone who hasn’t known Toots has missed something mighty important in life.”

                              — Ernest Hemingway

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