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"Toots" by Bob Considine


Known from coast to coast, the name "Toots" calls up the smiling, rubicund face of the nation's most famous saloonkeeper and bum.

Toots Shor, born in Philadelphia, had the good sense to migrate almost immediately to New York's bright lights. In the legendary speakeasy era he became a legend himself, as bouncer, guardian, and manager. He opened his own joint in 1940, and the rest is history. The greats of the sport world and of the stage and films his bar and delighted in his steak while trying (usually in vain) to match his prowess as imbiber and raconteur.

Toots emerges, intact and unique, in this loving and unmistakably authentic portrait by Bob Considine, a fellow bum of long stanging. Rich in names, humor and good stories, Toots provides a feast for any reader. Rare, previously-owned 1969 Edition.

“Anyone who hasn’t known Toots has missed something mighty important in life.”

                              — Ernest Hemingway

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