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"The Wonderful World of Toots Shor"


Toots Shor was a New York City landmark and bear-hugging pal of everybody from shoeshine boy to newsstand guy to Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra, Jackie Gleason, Jack Dempsey, Dwight Eisenhower, Frank Gifford, Walter Cronkite, Yogi Berra, Mike Wallace, Edward R. Murrow, Earl Warren, John F. Kennedy, Frank Costello, and Jimmy Hoffa at his "saloon with a soul" on West 51st Street.

Palship, as John Bainbridge observes in the nearly-forgotten 1950 profile of Toots, The Wonderful World of Toots Shor, was what the legendary saloon was all about. Being called a "crumb-bum" by Toots meant you'd earned his praise; in contrast, his most bitter insult was to call someone "just a piece of raisin cake." One remarkable book celebrates the great men's club like no other. Rare, previously-owned First Edition.

“Anyone who hasn’t known Toots has missed something mighty important in life.”

                              — Ernest Hemingway

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